Hemp is a productive strain of Cannabis sativa plant. Unlike marijuana, Hemp is a non-drug variant and only used for health purposes.

Hemp finds utility in many day-to-day products, including: 

Sunscreen– Your skin will glow with the amazing benefits of Hemp. A sunscreen made from this byproduct is highly effective for your skin.

Fuel– This cost-efficient crop helps in producing eco-friendly fuel, thus makes its contribution towards the environment.

Milk– Yes, Hemp fills your stomach too! One of the main qualities of Hemp is that it is amazingly nutritious and the seeds can be used to turn into milk.

Shoes– Hemp is being actively used in the industry to manufacture shoes. As it serves as an alternative to canvas shoes, you can even buy shoes made with Hemp.

Rope– Did you know that the first and foremost products made out of Hemp was rope?

Used in the era of sailing ships, Hemp ropes have been popular for centuries.

Soap– The high levels of fatty substance in hemp makes it a suitable base for soaps.

Diaper– Instead of wasting over millions of disposable diapers, you can go for diapers made out of Hemp. It is purely natural, breathable and highly absorbent. These eco-friendly diapers come with an antimicrobial fiber.

Makeup– The unusual combination of nutrients like Vitamin A, C & E, richness in amino acids, antioxidants and fatty acids makes it beneficial for our skin. A few of the problems that Hemp seed oil is being used for: acne, ageing and opening of pores

What are Hemp seeds?

The fact that Hemp has a botanical connection with medical species of cannabis has kept the focus away from its nutritional benefits for a long time. Hemp, however, doesn’t have any psychoactive reaction and have significant benefits health-wise.

Benefits of Hemp oil: 

Besides the fact that Hemp oil is beneficiary in our daily products, it also plays a significant role in healing our body from many diseases:

Diabetes: Hemp oil has the quality of low content carbohydrates that lessen the level of blood sugar index. The essential fatty acids accelerate the metabolic process in the body and help lower the sugar levels.

Anxiety: Want to get rid of anxiety? Hemp oil is here to help. The exact amount of fatty acids with omega 3 and omega 6 are known to show relief in matters of anxiety. Studies have revealed that Hemp seed oil consumption has lowered the anxiety level up to 20 per cent.

Alzheimer’s: The constitutes of CBD’s antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties may also help in reducing the effects of Alzheimer’s.


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